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Mobility 4.0. Who will prevail in the race for work – machines or people?

Will working people be able to adapt to the breath-taking speed with which development of robotics, automation of manufacturing processes, and the inevitable expansion of artificial intelligence are progressing? When will these processes reach CEE countries? How will these changes affect labour mobi... Read More »

CEED Institute Report: The beginning of the end. Will the migrants cause the EU to collapse?

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CEED Institute and Work Service Report: The economic migration of Poles

Improvement on the Polish labour market ends the migration era Going abroad for work within the next 12 months is now being considered by 14.7% of Poles who are active or potential participants in the labor market. The figure is lower by about 6 p.p. than at the beginning of the year. Still, ... Read More »

CEED Institute Report: Unpacking the African consumer: spending patterns and investments opportunities

The African economic path has been largely associated with the continent’s vast natural resources. Mining and oil companies have long been flocking to the region, setting up mines, drilling wells and shipping out its wealth to the international commodity markets. This is changing now. Where... Read More »

CEED Institute Report: How much state in the economy?

Economists have been struggling to define the role the state should play in the economy, and thus to define the economic functions of the state and extent of its interference in the economy. Classical economists believe that the state should ensure the safety of its people and the safety of econo... Read More »

CEED Institute Report: A one-way ticket? Migration in Europe from the perspective of CEE countries

Movements of workers from various member states within the European Union as well as immigration of third country nationals into the Community are among the majors topics in a discussion on the future of the European Union. It is highly important for this discussion to feature the arguments and p... Read More »

Poland: Emerging Innovation Leader of the Visegrad Group

Embracing integration process between the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the European Union required innovation in all aspects of economy and society. The region’s entrepreneurial economy transformed itself by innovating in business, public administration and society-at-large... Read More »

Completing Europe - From the North South Corridor to Energy, Transportation and Telecommunications Union

According to the study, Completing Europe – From the North-South Corridor to Energy, Transportation and Telecommunications Union, the Corridor would establish a powerful set of economic arteries, including energy pipelines and power lines, highways and railways, and telecommunication links ... Read More »

2014 - CEED Report: Migration in the 21st century from the perspective of CEE countries – an opportunity or a threat?

Migration in the 21st century from the perspective of CEE countries – an opportunity or a challenge? The European Union enlargements that took place in the 21st century resulted in employment migrations within the Community on a much larger scale than had been expected by experts, despi... Read More »

2014 - CEED Report: New oil frontiers: Investors’ guide to the oil sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Executive summary New oil frontiers: Investors’ guide to the oil sector in Sub-Saharan Africa Africa is on the move, and so is the flow of oil unearthed on the continent. In recent years, the region has become a hot spot on the global map of oil discoveries, with dozens of investor... Read More »

2013 - CEED Report: Africa-Europe on the Global Chessboard: The New Opening

Africa-Europe on the Global Chessboard: The New Opening Africa is on the rise, and so is the heat around the continent. Researchers, business people, and journalists from around the world cherish the transformation that Africa has seemingly made during the last decade. The change in narrative... Read More »

2012 - CEED Report - Partners or rivals? Part II - China and CEE - business and ethics

Executive Summary: The EU-China summit and EU China Business Summit in September of 2012, demonstrated how divided the EU is on EU policy towards Beijing. In the energy market, for example, while Poland is being told by the European Commission to not act unilaterally towards the Chinese, othe... Read More »

2012 - CEED Report: Partners or rivals? Chinese investments in CEE

Executive Summary: Today China holds 1/3rd of the world’s currency reserves. By 2030, the Chinese economy will surpass the United States, becoming the world’s largest market. Between 2007 and 2012, the Chinese economy grew by close to 60 percent; emerging Asia as a whole b... Read More »

2011 - CEED Report: Central and Eastern Europe Development, development, opportunities and challenges

Executive Summary: The CEE region is a great example of transition and integration success story. It should be rather called CEED, where “D” means Development. CEE-10 states have managed to grow at much faster rates than the core of the EU, increasing their GDP levels by 40-120% o... Read More »