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Education Migration Destination Attractiveness Index 2017, Kamil Matuszczyk

Pursuit of higher education is becoming an element of the lives of more and more young people around the world. The increasing opportunities with regard to unrestricted communication and fast and inexpensive movement mean that young people are more and more likely to decide to attend studies in far-flung corners of the world. The process of globalisation of education has led to the emergence of a specific kind of market for education services and forced institutions of higher education around the world to compete for applicants. There are an estimated 20 thousand institutions of higher education around the world. Institutions of higher education are finding that they have to conduct promotional drives in a particular country and globally, and more attention is also being paid to immigration policy with regard to study. At the same time, increasing the quality of instruction and studies means there are greater opportunities for institutions of higher education to operate on an international level.