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Bulletin of Central and Eastern Europe: The economic situation in the countries located in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Łukasz Białek

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development has raised the growth prognosis for the region of Central and Eastern Europe to 2,5 % from 2,2 % which was forecast in May. The prognosis for the region for 2015 is 2,8% ‘A more significant growth in Poland and Hungary enhances the prospect for Central Europe.’- was said in the bank’s statement in September. The most considerable upward revision refers to Hungary, for which European Bank of Reconstruction and Development raised this year’s prognosis of growth from 1,6 to 2,8 %. For the future down the Bank prognoses the slowdown of growth by 2,2% in regard to 1,2 % which was estimated in May.