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Bulletin of Central and Eastern Europe: Equity markets in the CEE region against the largest global stock exchanges, Łukasz Bryl

The functioning of stock exchanges in the CEE countries is taking place from a relatively short period of time. While in the Western, developed countries some stock markets have already been established in the seventeenth century, in the CEE countries this process was possible only after the political transformation in the early 90s of the twentieth century. The oldest stock exchange in the CEE region are exchanges in Ljubljana (1989) and Budapest (1990). In 1991 stock exchanges in: Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Bratislava and Zagreb have been formed. In 1993 Prague and Vilnius Stock Exchange have begun to operate and the youngest among the stock exchanges of the CEE region are capital markets in Tallinn and Riga. Both were founded in 1996. However the world's oldest stock exchanges include securities markets in Amsterdam (founded in 1602), Paris (1724), Lisbon (1769), Brussels (1801), London (1801), Milan (1808), New York (1817) and Madrid (1831).