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Indrek Neivelt

Indrek Neivelt is one of the most influential people in Estonian business. In his country he enjoys respect of economists, as well as politicians and media. He is also strongly engaged in preparing and supporting market-oriented reforms.

For the past six years he has been the President of Supervisory Board of Bank of Sankt Petersburg – one of the most resilient banks in Russia. Earlier he was in charge of Swedbank (former Hansabank) – one of the biggest financial institutions operating in Sweden, as well as in Baltic countries. In total, it has nearly 10 mln customers and 550 branches. Indrek Neivelt is also President of Supervisory Board Estonian company Ldiamond and owner of investment fund Trust IN.

Estonian banker for a long time was in charge of governments Estonian Development Fund. He also advises many Estonian companies listed on stock exchanges in several countries.