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Kulczyk Investments - project partner - is an international investment company, focused on the creation of deals and investment opportunities in global emerging markets. The company's chosen strategic industries are oil & gas, mineral resources, infrastructure and power generation, as well as power and gas distribution and trading. It also holds significant assets in the real estate, brewing, automotive and chemical industries. Kulczyk Investments was formed on the back of Kulczyk Holding, a group of fast-growing businesses, which, since 1990, has played an active role in the transformation of the Polish economy.

Kulczyk Holding is a major business success story. It invested in key sectors for many years, gaining unique experience and knowledge while attracting a team of highly regarded specialists in management, finance, restructuring and M&A. It participated in some of the largest deals and shareholding restructurings in Poland, at the same time instigating major projects of its own. Its track record included transactions in the telecommunications, energy, finance and banking, insurance and pension fund sectors. The company has constructed the first private motorway in Poland. It was a spectacular project, and evaluated by the EIB (European Investment Bank) as a ‘model project' as far as the pace, implementation and environmental protection were concerned.

Poland's entry into the EU was a highly significant milestone in the history of Kulczyk Holding. As one of the most effective, innovative and successful investment companies it was among the few pioneers which had the imagination and drive to bring the invaluable experience gained in Central and Eastern Europe to the international arena. This is why, in 2007, Kulczyk Holding was reorganized to fulfill the global ambitions of its investors and partners and a new company was formed, which ultimately took the name ‘Kulczyk Investments'.

Lech Wałęsa Institute - project partner - established in December 1995 by Lech Wałęsa - the leader of the people's freedom movement "Solidarnosc", laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize 1983, honorary doctoral degree holder of more than one hundred universities and the first president of the Third Republic of Poland. The Foundation follows the example of similar institutions in Western Europe and America and is dedicated to accomplishing the goals which Lech Wałęsa considers valid and significant and to which he has been faithful all his life.

Bonnier - media partner - represents more than 200 years of sustainable media entrepreneurship through eight generations of the Bonnier family – always combining a true fascination for media products with a keen business mindset. From the beginning, the family has promoted high-quality media products while collaborating closely with authors, journalists and publishers. The Bonnier Group is fully owned by the Bonnier family, which has grown and nurtured the company for the continuing success of coming generations. Bonnier's history as a culturally progressive, humanistic organization will continue to guide our future media development and knowledge-sharing goals.

Polish Centre for African Studies - the first independent, non-governmental organisation in Poland and Central Europe devoted exclusively to the study of contemporary Africa. The main goal of the PCSA is to carry out rigorous academic research and produce relevant policy analysis with regards to Africa, mostly in the fields of Economics, International Relations and Political Science. In producing such analysis, the PCSA aims to contribute to the revitalisation and deepening of economic and political relations between Central Europe and Africa.

The Council of Investors in Africa - serves as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences for even better Europe-Africa cooperation. The task of the Council is to support other Polish and European companies wishing to expand on the African continent. The Council of Polish Investors in Africa has gathered the leading Polish enterprises operating on the continent. The founding members of the Council comprise Jan Kulczyk - Founder of the CEED Institute, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Kulczyk Investments, Jerzy Starak - President of the Management Board Polpharma, Krzysztof Jałosiński - President of the Management Board Grupa Azoty Zakłady Chemiczne Police, Roman Karkosik - Main shareholder Krezus, Adam Góral - President of the Management Board Asseco Poland, Karol Zarajczyk - President of the Management Board Ursus and Piotr Kubica - President of the Management Board LUBAWA.

The Poznan University of Economics is both a teaching and a research institution with a long tradition in education and strong academic standing, it is also famous for its credibility in economic analyses. As an economic university it develops all forms of academic teaching, places great value towards academic research, is a leader in economic expertise and in implementation of innovation and continuously develops international cooperation and its relations with business.